Art by Amy Galaudet American Fine Artist Los Angeles California


Prehistoric Park La Brea
Not a place for one's vacations
Giant birds, and Mammoth herds
Supposedly, they're our relations

Silence there was never golden
Flapping wings, hellatious roars
Not the coziest of neighbor's
Those tribe's of roving dinosaurs

This was not the hanging garden's
Nor the shangrila of old Tibet
Listening for a sudden movement
When every sound could be a threat

Now the present Park La Brea
Holds the bones of yesterday
With those bodies of ancestors
Who were just a link away

Sheer Desperation

you're back
What took you so long
What made the decision
Were they playing our song?

To think I survived
Never thought that I could
Your parting words
"It's for you're own good"

Ah, only thinking of me
But, I get what they mean
Like a quick "see ya" line
So I won't make a scene

A clever one liner
Right out of a play
Short to the point
A double cliche

So, how could you do that
Too late for attack
For nothing else matter's
Now that you're back

Two Drunks

Merely two drunks in a park
We stumbled out of a bar
and sat on a bench in the dark
So drunk we abandoned the car

loud with hysterical laughter
everything seemed funny that night
A scene to recall ever after
how romantic one acts when you're tight

We vowed to be always together
and promised to honor that vow
So now with the coming of Dawn
Does it seem so meaningless now

Our hearts seems to echo in chorus
for us to rekindle that spark
It was gone, guess love wasn't for us
We were only two drunks in the park

Think Before

If you see a man is drowning
He's your duty now to save
For in the wisdom of the Torah
he has now become your slave

Here is the question you must ponder
Before you jump in on a whim
Do you really need a slave
How well do you swim

As for the swimming part
There's another question
In the rescue, should he pull you down
Now you both have drowned together

So think before you leap
Not to mention being brave
Do you want to be a hero? Or need the imposition of a slave?

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