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About Amy G

Born into non privilege, immigrant family on Halloween, in Chicago. Spoke fluent non-english as first language,
Mother forgot/or didn't know to enroll me in school, Authorities notified. So, I did get to school, at some point.
As a child always dabbled in some artistic form. dancing, singing, playing music, poetry, and reading.
especially Fairy Tales.
We moved to Calif due to father's asthma, Had dreams of living in a house with a picket fence, next door
to a child star, and becoming one myself.
High school spent, being in school plays, writing poems of, rejected love, and mooning over guys that never asked me out.
Enter College with Theater Arts major, to fulfill dreams of future stardom. Soon dropped out.
Landed, low paying, to no paying job in a playhouse, off Melrose, Dismal script, poor attendance, actor's no show,
vision of fame starting to evaporate
Cycle interrupted by marriage and baby, and introduction of Soap Opera's.
Suddenly an epiphany, I found a used canvas in the alley, bought a brush, and start of a new career
Never having had an art class, left me free for any style or medium. Painted furiously, for several months
I was Impressed with my new found talent,
but, with no outlet for marketability, interest waned, and career potential faded.
Husband, Plumber/sculptor devised molds, for pouring cold cast bronze. I filled mold with plaster, Painted
them with Vegetable, and fruit juice's. Sales were good, life was good, but, they were interfering with child
rearing, household duties, and, soap opera's. New career losing momentum.
So, O.K.
As a professional volunteer, I worked at the VA, in the library, Taught Poetry Therapy/Guitar in the Psych ward.
I even bought the Guitar's, not a career move, but I found this most fulfilling.
After everyone recovered at the Psych, and at loose ends, I thought it time I took an art class, which I did at Adult Ed.
I soon found out why artist's need more than one brush. I incorporated different mediums, Acrylic, ceramic, ink,
watercolor. I painted everything, and on everything, including furniture, clothes, shoe's. And stripped table's, chairs...
I dabbled, and I dabble, I was invited to be in different shows, Displays, contests. Won Awards, sold some,
I have also added poetry to be included with my art work. In (Color's of life) display, I have also added original
music by a talented musician, not me.
I have never felt I was a true artist, as I don't obsess or suffer over my art. I am not a fan of contemporary art that use's
vacuum cleaner's or sand box's as art forms in any sense. My taste's go toward Turner, Claude Loraine or any art that
works well with color. In other words, Art, not gimmick
Personally, I am into social causes, old architecture, (not 50's) and the tearing down of old landmarks, tears my heart
And, how ironic, I live in a house, with a picket fence, that was owned by a child star.
You never know
Amy Galaudet

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